By the Royal Road of Chasna

Last Saturday, we went hicking. Hidden in the middle of a light green pine forest is one of the most important natural secrets of the south of Tenerife: the white moonscape of Vilaflor. The force of the atmospheric agents gave life, 500.000 years ago, to a dreamlike landscape of white pumice stone cones, which reminds us of the sand castles we used to build when we were children. February is the ideal month for this trail. The almond trees are in full bloom and dye part of the route with beautiful shades of white and pink.


A charming village

The starting point for the PR 72 (Short Route) is the municipality of Vilaflor de Chasna, or simply Vilaflor, a peaceful village characterised by extensive Canarian pine forests that surround it. Legend has it that the term Vilaflor was added to the original name by a Castilian conqueror who exclaimed "Vi la flor de Chasna!" ("I saw the flower of Chasna!")when he fell in love with a young guanche from the area during the conquest. However, the name given to its inhabitants is chasneros, precisely because of the original name of the locality. Since the 16th century, Vilaflor de Chasna has been the chosen destination of numerous scientists, the sick and other visitors who came from La Orotava along the well-known Camino Real de Chasna, attracted by its proximity to the Teide, the benefits of its climate, the pleasant harmony and tranquillity of its surroundings. Many of these visitors, like us today, found in this delicious landscape, impregnated with the smell of resin, a haven of peace for the spirit and a place conducive to the health of the body.



This circular route, which begins in the Plaza de San Pedro Apóstoles in Vilaflor, runs along the Camino Real de Chasna, a passageway between the northern and southern slopes of the island, which has existed since pre-Hispanic times.

Starting point:
Plaza de la Iglesia de Vilaflor, 1420 meters
750 meters long
Easy route - circular
12,8 km
4 hours and a half
very well marked path PR TF-72, with white and yellow markings

Useful link

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