Pack your suitcase

Tenerife is known as a sun and beach destination, but sometimes mask and snorkel are not enough. Maybe somewhere it rains or gets colder. On the Teide, for example, at 3718 metres above sea level, you have to keep warm. And there are thousands of trails to explore, so if you like hiking take a good pair of hiking shoes.
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Rent a car

There is a bus company that connects all points of the island, but without a doubt, we recommend you to take a car so you can move at your own pace and in total autonomy. There are many rental companies, but be aware that in high season it may be difficult to find available vehicles.
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Plan your trip

We never get tired of repeating it: in Tenerife there is a lot to see and do. But there are certain activities that are best organised before you arrive, even two or three months before, such as getting permission to climb the Teide, taking a scuba diving course or surf lessons... We help you plan your holidays in advance.
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Day itineraries

Life is short and holidays even shorter. Make the most of them and discover how to live the best of Tenerife in just a little time. We propose a different plan for each day, so you can visit and taste the island in all its splendor.
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Discover Tenerife

We guide you to the best beaches, we recommend the restaurants where we eat ourselves and the activities we enjoy the most. And if you love sports we also help you find adrenaline here in the middle of the Atlantic.
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Join the party

Find out what's cooking in Tenerife during your stay: popular festivals, concerts, interesting exhibitions, gastronomic routes... Whether you're travelling with friends or with your family, you're sure to find a fun plan to have a good time.
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Come back for less

Remember one very important thing: all our returning clients have a special discount on their next stay... So come back whenever you want, here your home in Tenerife will always be waiting for you. :-)
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Your opinion counts

We love to know what you think of us to continue offering an impeccable service to all guests who will come after you. If you don't mind, take a moment and value us on google.
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