We take you to the Teide

We love our work. Being able to show our guests the wonders of the land we love is undoubtedly a privilege. Sometimes we simply share our experiences, and other times we accompany them personally in their adventures around the island. And it is gratifying to see how people value and appreciate our commitment to the point that they decide to return and come back to our resort. A few weeks ago we decided to climb the Teide with one of our most amateur customers. We set the alarm clock at 4:00 a.m. and headed for the highest peak in Spain.


To start the trail you have to arrive by car to the Montaña Blanca car park, following the Cañadas TF-21 road until Km 40,5. It is also advisable to take suitable footwear, a wind jacket, a light backpack with water, energy bars, neck warmer, sunscreen, sunglasses and above all a written authorization to ascend to the top (read next paragraph). We organised the excursion at the last minute and were unable to obtain the necessary permission. Although our route was affected by this unforeseen event, the road was an unforgettable experience, one of those that reminds you of why we love our work and our island.


In order to make the final ascent to the summit, the visitor must request a prior written authorization (free of charge) through the website. With this permission, it will be possible to reach the Pico del Teide on foot using the "Sendero Telesforo Bravo" (nº 10 of the Park network), which connects La Rambleta (3555 meters) with the summit (3718 meters). This route is done on foot. This procedure is compulsory regardless of whether you have reached La Rambleta on foot or by using the cable car.

The corresponding permit, which can only be processed through the indicated website, is valid for a specific date and time period. It should be noted that the processing of the permit may be carried out no later than 14:00 hours the day before and that in any case obtaining the permit will be subject to availability. On the other hand, the permit may not be valid if the National Park Administration closes the trail.

It is not necessary to have the Park's permission to spend the night at Refugio Altavista.

If you spend the night at Refugio Altavista (3260 meters) you don't need the permission, but you have to leave the trail to the summit before 9:00 h. It will be enough to show the sealed document of the stay. This mountain shelter has 3 bedrooms with capacity for 60 people, as well as a kitchen, toilets (without shower), a medical room and a set of individual beds that is given to each hiker on arrival.

You can stay at the Refugio Altavista for one night only and it is one of the most extraordinary experiences Tenerife has to offer. We recommend that you bring flashlights or headlights for those who are planning to climb to the top before dawn.



Starting point:
Montaña Blanca car park, Km 40.5 of the Las Cañadas TF-21 road, 2356 m.
1400 meters (to the Altavista Refuge 900 meters long)
Mountainous route of great physical exigency: steep and stony footpath. Do not underestimate altitude sickness.
9.4 km (one way)
4 hours 45 minutes
Panels with numbers along the entire route



In order to enjoy one of the best views of Tenerife you don't have to sweat. The alternative to the path we recommend is the cable car, which is perfectly accessible by road and has a free parking service - open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.
As a general rule, it runs every day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and takes 8 minutes to reach the top station. However, its functioning may be altered due to climatic conditions. We advise you, before starting the route, to ask about its operability.

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